Fear. – a response to IPCC report.

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I used to be scared of death; the big nothing or big everything, eternity whichever way.

I used to be scared of god; always judging, angry, and we would never be good enough.

And then I feared the other god: the ever forgiving kind. Because some crimes should never be forgiven.

When god passed I feared the universe; endless, vast, black, meaningless and purposeless.

But death is inevitable, god is not here or not willing to interfere, and the universe indifferent to our goings on.

Still fear is present and more so than ever. Because the only thing to be scared of now is man.

We are blind, stubborn, killing ourselves, killing others, killing the planet and yet…we fail to act accordingly.

So God, Universe, or Whomever is in charge. Don’t forgive us for our sins: deliver us and our fellow earthlings from ourselves. As a species we can only disrupt and destroy.

We are the devil. We are the disease. We are the plague. We are the problem. We are the ones to fear. And we are too ignorant to see.

I only fear one thing: dying before seeing humanity change for the better.